Construction Supervisor/GC Licensing Programs

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Registration for the July 18, 19, 20 and 21, 2022 unrestricted construction supervisor licence classes is open.

We will be holding both live Zoom and in-class programs for the July classes. They are identical in content and presentation.

Early registration for the live Zoom classes is $339.95 and ends Wednesday, July 13th, to assure that you can get class materials to you before the first class.

Early registration for the in-class presentation is $399.95 and ends Friday, July 15th.

Massachusetts currently amends the International Code Council (ICC) 2015 publications as the basis for the Construction Supervisor License Exams.

To see the class locations, dates and times and/or to register for a class click here or click on "Class Schedule" above.
If you rather talk with a program administrator than work on-line, call us at (508) 833-5207.

Compare our Top Rated G/C Builder's License Course to others. You will see why we are the leader preparing students to pass the Massachusetts construction supervisor license (MACS) examination.

  • We use all of the seven codebooks and referenced standards identified in the Unrestricted Construction Supervisor Exam Content Outline. We do not take shortcuts. We want you to have the strongest background, not only for passing the exam, but for managing your future career.
    If you are comparing providers, make sure they do the same.
  • We provide a means to make codebooks organized and exam ready, using tabbed chapter directories and content arrangement.
  • We provide over 450 practice questions in class to take home and study.
  • There are NO boring reading assignments.
  • We provide "quick find" answer materials and techniques.
  • In-class students have our "YOU PASS or WE PAY" program behind you.  You attend each class, complete the class work each week, have the loose leaf IBC and IRC codebooks, and take the state exam within 14 days after the class is over.   If you do not pass the test, we will pay for your next class and your next exam.

  • Our knowledgeable instructors guide you through the learning process, and have been for over 25 years. Our success is proof that our highly trained instructors and constantly updated programs provide the best possible combination of interactive learning for you to prepare to pass the state examination.

    We use the 9th Edition Massachusetts State Building Code, which is based upon the International Code Council 2015 series codes. It went into went into effect on October 1, 2017 and is still being enforced in the field today.

    For more information call 1 (508) 833-5207